Stories of Addiction & Grace

God’s Grace Revealed in Our Stories

“I could tell you what I believe about God, but if I tell you my story you will see God at work. Theology is best revealed through narrative—Biblical stories and our own.” –Rev. Dr. Ed Treat

Theology is often most powerfully conveyed through stories. The Bible is one long story of salvation made up of a multitude of individual and corporate salvation narratives. It’s often looking back at what God has done in our lives, and in our world that we most clearly see the hand of God at work. 

After healing the Garasene Demoniac and when the healed man wanted to follow Jesus, he was told instead to go and tell everyone what God had done for him. Who knows how many lives were healed and changed by that man through his story in the following years.

In sharing our stories about God’s saving, transformative work in our personal lives we release healing power, open the world to gratitude, humility, vulnerability, and to our authentic selves. When we open ourselves in this way, people are touched, and we are changed.

We see God most clearly not through theological doctrines or religious creeds, but in our stories. Our stories reveal God most powerfully at work among us and those stories have great power.

Here are some people who graciously share their own stories of addiction and the saving grace of God.,

Yolanda Denson-Byers

Bishop Penrose Hoover

Amy Klobuchar

Karen Casey

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