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To Address Addiction

To lift the fallen, restore the broken, heal the hurting…

“I know those suffering from every kind of addiction will often first turn to the church for help. Too often they walk away disappointed. We should do better, and we can. The Center of Addiction & Faith is available to help, and I am grateful for their work. Please let them help you help others.”
-Brian McLaren

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“Now, go and tell everyone
how much the Lord
has done for you.”
–Jesus (Mark 5:19)


Faith Communities are well positioned throughout the country to help make a difference with addiction, but very few of them do anything about it. We want to change that. 

Addiction Recovery

Addiction is the number one health crisis facing our society today, and it is continually growing worse.

How do we as people of faith respond?

The Center of Addiction & Faith provides essential education, inspiration, and practical tools for ministry. These tools help develop leadership and create congregation vitalization. 

Learn how to help your congregation and others
in need.

The Center of Addiction & Faith is committed to bringing spiritual leaders together, to learn how faith communities can better understand addiction, and to better address the spiritual needs of those afflicted. There are so many who need spiritual care, and faith communities can do so much more to help. 

We ask that you utilize this website as a resource and guide, but also plan to attend our annual Addiction & Faith Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

The role of Faith
in healing

Ministering to the whole person

We believe, as many do in the addiction treatment field, that faith plays an essential role in the healing process. 

While it is not completely understood why, it is generally accepted that medicine and therapy alone will not help those struggling with addiction, unless there is a faith component. 

Many people of faith believe that no one is better equipped than the church, to share and teach about God’s unconditional love, acceptance, inclusion, and healing.

Resources you need to help others

Our annual Addiction & Faith Conference brings together the best of the best!  

We feature the top teachers in addiction science, highly respected speakers on addiction, and the important role the church plays in recovery.  

All of these individuals are successful pioneers and practitioners who provide life saving tools, ministries, and best practices for effective addiction ministry.  

We also offer an online network of resources through this website.

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We do,
what we do, for the Church
and the world.

Church based addiction recovery


What is addiction? What are the treatment trends?

faith based addiction recovery


What role does faith play in treating addiction?

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I am an ordained Lutheran minister and have never heard about this. I have a doctorate from Luther Seminary and have never heard about this. 

-Dr. Yolanda D.

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