Annual Conference

October 17-19, 2024

The Center of Addiction & Faith will hold its sixth Addiction & Faith Conference October 17-19, 2024. This will be an online virtual event.
With growing concern over the widespread devastation caused by various forms of addiction, including the escalating opioid crisis and the ongoing challenges stemming from COVID recovery, The Center of Addiction & Faith is proud to present this pivotal gathering. Our aim is to shed light on the profound addiction issues plaguing our society and explore how individuals of faith can play a crucial role in tackling them.
The 2024 conference will delve into the critical importance of comprehending the role of trauma in addiction and the journey of recovery from substance use disorder. It’s widely recognized that trauma and mental health conditions lie at the core of nearly every addiction. By unraveling the complexities of trauma and its impact on addiction, we take the initial stride towards healing past wounds. Without addressing these underlying traumas, the path to recovery from addiction remains constrained. By empowering individuals to confront their past hurts, we embark on a profound spiritual endeavor, fostering well-being.
We have curated a lineup of esteemed national and international speakers who will both inspire and educate attendees on navigating this pressing issue. Through a series of breakout sessions, we will provide practical demonstrations and equip participants with the tools necessary to transform their faith communities into agents of prevention and sanctuaries of hope for those battling addiction and their loved ones.

You Are Invited to Join Us!

From the world of church: clergy, chaplains, deacons, deaconesses, caregivers, church staff, synod staff, parish nurses, youth leaders, addiction awareness teams, congregants, and the community of people in recovery and/or have a loved one in recovery.
From the world of addiction treatment: treatment center staff, counselors, therapists, and healthcare professionals.
Open to anyone interested: in exploring the devastation of addiction and the remarkable healing process of faith. Together, we’ll enhance our knowledge about addiction recovery, share stories of learning and hope, and celebrate our faith in God’s abiding grace.
Internationally-known keynote speakers
Breakout sessions and spiritual practices that may be life-changing
General CEUs available, up to 14 hours.
For more information and to register: Addiction, Trauma & the Healing Power of Faith