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The mission of the Center of Addiction & Faith is to raise awareness around the ubiquitous nature of addiction and the many ways it impacts every single human life. Increasing our understanding of this human phenomenon, of how addiction works in the human brain, of how it impacts every aspect of human society, of how God created us and what we are each personally up against in our own human chemistry, is enormously beneficial. This knowledge leads to understanding and understanding is the first step toward appropriate response.

Those who have faced addiction and are recovering from it understand all this, but there are still far too many who have yet to know and understand the truth of how addiction works. We believe this understanding is a deeply spiritual matter that when better understood can change the world. We want to grow that understanding and in doing so reach the lives of so many hurting people with healing hope and love.

Each of the four Gospels concludes with Jesus urging his disciples to now go and share the truth with others so the world can be saved.  The 12-Steps also concludes with the final step encouraging those who have completed the steps to carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer. Spiritual growth always involves personal surrender, self-examination, repentance, a change of heart, and finally a mission to help others.

If this seems right to you we would love to have you join hands with us and help make this happen. By joining as a member of the Center of Addiction & Faith you are agreeing to become one of us. By joining you are saying yes to this mission and lending your name as explicit agreement to this pursuit. By joining you will be considered one of us and be included in all our communications and invited to all our events. We would ask that you keep this vision in your prayers and consider ways you might offer help along the way. Will you join us?

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